The Creative Media Days at the ICC in Ghent take a closer look at the role of ICT in media, with special attention to creative possibilities and the origin of new business models. As part of the Creative Media Days, Arts Centre Vooruit presents Gosie Vervloessem and Brian Lobel (€ 7 per performance or € 12 for a combi-ticket).

Domestic Science Club by Gosie Vervloessem

Under the name ‘Domestic Science Club’ Gosie experiments with the laws of fysics for domestic use. Her work focuses on observing natural phenomena and asking questions about it. “Everything seems so logic, but what is the logic behind it?” The first stage of the attempt to understand the underlying laws is re-creating the phenomena as a miniature or scale model. But how real can a scale model be and what is its’ status?

Recipes for Disaster

‘Recipes for Disaster’ is a mobile marketstand in wich  different home-garden and kitchen experiments are offered to the public in an attempt to create a sublime landscape. How does this attempt relates to working with house garden and kitchen experiments wherein failure is a defining element and errors are being exposed on a fundamental basis?

Safe and Simple Electrical Experiments

Safe and Simple Electrical Experiments

‘Safe and Simple Electrical Experiments‘ starts in the waiting room of a gynecologist at the banks of the river Zenne, takes you through Alice’s rabithole and further into the dark tubes of the Gothardtunnel. It is a subterranean search, mainly consisting of detours and sideways, for the Mystery of the Universe.


Every year, 392.000 people die  by falling. They are the victims of the law of gravity. This law describes the unconditional love of the earth for all the living and not-living beings. We undergo, without asking questions the attractive power of the earth on which we live. ‘Gravity’ is a lecture/performanes wich explores the possibility of flying, taking into consideration the opinion of experts in the field. How is it possible to take off without being sucked into a black hole?  What are gravitons and how do the look like? Is it possible to lift yourself using a electrical field? , ....

Purge by Brian Lobel

How can social media fail and be failed? Brian Lobel’s project Purge gives a good example of it. At ICC during the day, Isabelle Bats will spend 1 minute describing and defending his Facebook friendships to the conference participants. At the end of each minute, three people from the audience will vote on who will be kept and who will be deleted. The deleting is real, the pace is maniacal, the results are final. Purge is the world’s most brutal game of friendship maintenance.

During the evening program at Vooruit, Brian Lobel performs a lecture-performance presenting the process and telling the reactions and responses he received after performing Purge.

Vooruit Arts Centre in Ghent

Vooruit Arts Centre is located in a historic monument exuding architectural grandeur. Because of its vibrant atmosphere, Vooruit offers an excellent setting for the Creative Media Days evening program. Those days, you can expect parties and innovating performances. Additionally, in the Vooruit Café situated centrally in the arts centre, you will be able to have a drink or enjoy a meal.

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